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Venom (2018) [BluRay] [1080p] English Download Pc __TOP__

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Venom (2018) [BluRay] [1080p] English Download Pc __TOP__

venom returns to the city, where he battles brock again. after brock is defeated, drake returns and reveals that brock has been keeping him in the dark about venom, as he had been brainwashed. drake then injects a drug into brock, which causes him to be liquified and sent into space.

a few days later, drake is worried that the symbiote is slowly killing brock, so he asks brock to become the host once again. however, brock refuses, stating that it was only fun while venom was inside him. after leaving brock, the rogue symbiote stumbles upon a human named kelly. the symbiote then causes kelly to be liquified, causing venom to get confused.

in the city, brock is attacked by venom and escapes to the life foundation headquarters, where he fights brock and drake. after a fierce battle, brock is able to create a nuclear bomb and use it to drive venom out of his body. the two then fight each other, but after they tussle, they are both killed by the bomb.

venom is the 16th film in the marvel cinematic universe. it is the first film to be released by sony pictures as a part of its marvel studios franchise after disney's acquisition of 20th century fox. the film is directed by ruben fleischer, written by jeff pinkner, scott rosenberg, and kelly marcel, and stars tom hardy, michelle williams, riz ahmed, jenny slate, and scott haze. is one of the best platform for downloading movies from online. we provide google drives links for fast and secure download. we are very happy to provide you last bollywood and hollywood movies. please join on our telegram group 3d9ccd7d82


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