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Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker started out making movies like "Airplane!". With "Ruthless People", they took the style epitomized by 1960s comedies - a scheme snowballs - and turned it into a satire on the nouveau riche. Upon learning that his wife has gotten kidnapped by a pair of designers angry about a stolen prototype, a clothing designer celebrates, hoping that he can run off with his mistress. And before too long, more and more people get pulled into the fiasco.Danny DeVito's character is the typical slimy businessman; he even buys a dog and names it Adolf! Bette Midler looks bizarre wearing a wig. I think that Helen Slater's character was my favorite, but Anita Morris's was also enigmatic. And then there's Bill Pullman (whom I never confused with Bill Paxton): he has bleached hair! It's not the funniest movie but I enjoyed it. It's got a lot of "oh no...oh yes" scenes. You'll like it and you'll like Midler's other 1986 movie poking fun at rich Angelenos: "Down and Out in Beverly Hills".PS: "Weird Al" Yankovic spoofed the theme song as "Toothless People".

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